January 18, 2021

Zulay Milk Boss Frother Review

You shouldn’t have to go to your local coffee shop to get a frappe or cappuccino, and now, with the Zulay Milk Boss milk frother, you can have great coffees at home. The frother can be used to make cappuccinos, frappes, matches, egg nog, and hot chocolate. A milk frother accomplishes this without using steam, instead, using a spinning coil to inject air into the liquid. Continue reading for the Zulay Milk Boss review to find out if you would like to have one of your very own.

You can purchase the Zulay Frother on Amazon here.


The Zulay Milk boss will make a great addition to your kitchen. The device is slim, elegant, and compact. It can add a little accent to any part of the kitchen, and it is small enough to fit in most places. The frother also comes in a variety of different colors include, including blue, purple, black, silver, and pink. The milk frother comes with nice stainless steel stand as well.

The packaging is equally as elegant as the actual device. It comes in a matching colored box that is tastefully branded. The box is perfect to hold on to if you want to have a safe place to store the frother when you are not using it.

The style of the frother makes it a great conversational piece when you have guests over. All of your friends will be asking about it when you make them coffee with it.

How does it Work?

This frother works by vigorously spinning the milk before you pour it into your coffee. Simply pour yourself a glass of milk, put the base of the device in the coffee, and turn it on. The device doesn’t have any mode settings; however, you will be able to make the milk as frothy as you like by adjusting the length that you have the device spinning in your milk.

The ratings for function are very high. It spins at about 18.500 RPM, which allows it to quickly froth milk, matcha, or any liquid that you can imagine into a frenzy. It works extremely well, and very quickly. You can frother a Latte in less than a minute!

This model is a huge upgrade from Zulay’s last model. It has a life-time warranty, and Zulay says that the base of the device will never rust. It has 30% more power than the previous model, and Zulay claims that the device has a 20% longer life span than their previous model. The only way to tell the difference between the two models is by looking at the box. The device looks identical to the old models. It also has twice as much battery life.

The device works great with many different types of milk. You can froth hazel milk, skim milk, whole milk, or any other type of milk.

The device may be intentioned to froth milk; however, while testing the device for my Zulay milk boss review, I noticed that it is exceptional at scrambling eggs as well. It can also be used to mix powdered drinks, like protein drinks. It has many uses outside of simply frothing milk.

Cleaning the Zulay is also a breeze. Simply get a cup of warm water, put the stem of the device in the water, and press the button. Let it spin for about 20 seconds and the device will be clean and ready to use on your next cup of coffee.

The device uses two double-A batteries.

What Are Other People Saying about Zulay’s Milk Boss?

People are generally very happy with the Zulay Milk Frother. On Amazon, it has been given a 5-star rating. One particular happy customer, who happens to work at Starbucks, previously used an immersion blender to froth her coffee. However, she wasn’t getting the results she desired. She says that one of her favorite parts about owning the Zulay Milk Boss is that it takes up so much less space than a blender. She also pointed out that she can do as much or as little milk as she wants because the mixer on the device is so small.

Another user on Amazon pointed out how great the device is at making keto coffees. The Zulay Milk Boss is able to mix coconut oils, butter, and creams to perfection every single time. They claim it is the best frother they’ve ever purchased.

Powerlix vs Zulay

The Zulay Milk Boss looks a lot like the Powerlix milk frother, but which one is superior? Both devices have the same RPM rate at about 19,000, and both devices use two double-A batteries. Both devices also have the same great shape, making them easy to grasp. However, the Zulay device is a bit lighter in weight. The Powerlix frother also tends to cost about $20 to $30 depending upon the vendor, and the Zulay can be found as low as $11 at times. In terms of function, both are very similar. We give the nod to Zulay for the slight weight advantage and lower price, and the almost perfect ratings on Amazon.

Overall Rating

Overall, we rate this product as 9/10. It works very well, the warranty is great, and the reviews are very strong. The only downside is it feels a bit flimsy due to the lightweight, but we see no evidence of it breaking. This is a fantastic product.

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