September 24, 2018

Why Is is hard to find a Sale on Sonos Speakers?

Sonos is one of the best models of speakers around, and while that means that you can be assured that any product you order through the company is bound to meet or exceed your expectations, that level of quality comes at a price. Sales are few and far between where Sonos is concerned, but there are some pretty good reasons for that, and if you’re willing to exercise patience and keep an eye out, you can still get a fine deal on the wide range of Sonos products.

They Pack a Lot Into a Little

It may be hard to find a deal on a Sonos, but that’s largely because there’s not a lot of fat to cut on the prices. The sound quality is superb, and Sonos manages to stuff a huge amount of tweeters, amps, and woofers into very slim and aesthetically pleasing products. While $700 for a soundbar like the Sonos Playbar may seem steep, you have to recognize that a Sonos speaker is an investment.

There are also options.  The Beam for $399 is enough to work as a singular component for a small- to mid-sized room and work admirably as both your main method for playing music and TV sound. Then there’s the wealth of additional features available in every product in the Sonos catalog. This includes compatibility with a huge selection of streaming services and the ability to link up all the Sonos speakers into a seamless and integrated aural ecosystem.

Then there’s the new additions being promoted as standards for the newer Sonos products. The latest two speakers available – the Sonos One speaker and the Beam soundbar – come with Alexa built in and compatibility with other virtual assistants like Google Assistant and AirPlay 2. In short, Sonos is so rarely offered below MSRP because their products are ahead of the curve. When you buy a Sonos speaker, you’re essentially investing in the future. This smart compatibility has value now, but that value is only going to increase exponentially as these assistants become a more inclusive parts of our everyday lives. You may have a hard time getting a reasonable deal, but the standard price is still a great investment, and you can expect any Sonos speakers you buy now to only hold their value as time goes on.

Refurbished Products Come Meticulously Certified

One of the best ways to get a good deal on technology is to buy used. While you can occasionally find gently used versions of Sonos speakers via reputable online retailers like Best Buy or Amazon or through private sellers on Ebay, Craigslist, or Reddit, Sonos themselves don’t cut any corners when it comes to refurbishing their speakers. All refurbished products sold directly through the Sonos store go through an extensive certification process.  You can get a refurbished Playbar or refurbished Beam that looks and sounds brand new, but it is at a significant discount to you.

All defective parts are replaced, and they make sure that they’re repackaged with all the manuals and cables that you need. These certified refurbished products can provide you with decent savings, but they can also be rare to find. The high value inherent in the Sonos product line means that owners are usually loathe to return their speakers, and the methodical process that Sonos takes in refurbishing means that you need to keep a close eye on their catalog if you’re looking to snatch up a speaker while it’s still on sale.

Their Product Line is Lean

When a company churns out a lot of products, it’s generally easier to get something on sale. That’s because the more products you have, the more redundancies you can expect. Every product in the Sonos catalog tends to serve a specific purpose, and that means that there are are rarely discounts that arise from new products replacing old ones. That said, Sonos is now moving towards their second generation of products.

The Sonos One is the first proper replacement for their standard speakers, and the inclusion of virtual assistant technology in these means that you may be able to get a better deal by investing in the first generation phase of Play:1, Play:2, and Play:3 speakers. Similarly, the Connect series of amplifiers are getting phased out in favor of the Sonos Amp line, so if you’re willing to take on an amplifier that’s a little out of date but still equipped with the original industry standards, deals are somewhat more plentiful. In terms of soundbars, there are three options available. The Playbase, Playbar, and Beam each fill a specific niche, so it’s less likely you’ll be able to get a reasonable deal on their soundbars.

They Set the Pricing Standards

While there are plenty of reasons why Sonos decides to control their pricing, the simple fact of the matter is that they have full control over how individual retailers establish their prices. Before being allowed to sell Sonos products, a dealer has to sign an agreement to keep steady pricing. That means that Sonos is the sole company that determines when products go on sale and what those sale prices look like.

Additionally, these deals are established network-wide, so individual dealers don’t have the opportunity to undercut the competition with unique dealers. On the downside, that means that deals are fewer and far between. On the upside, you can rest easy knowing that if a deal is available, chances are that you’ll find it at your trusted Sonos dealer.

All that’s not to say that you can’t find a Sonos on sale. If you’re ready to exercise patience and keep your ear to the ground, you can manage to find deals either through Sonos directly or through third party vendors. Your best chance is to look out during the holidays. Just keep in mind that even the best deals may be modest compared to more prolific or cheaper speaker brands. Something in the range of 10-15% off is the standard you can look for.