December 12, 2020

What does the Zulay Milk Frother Do?

The Zulay Milk Frother is a handheld device that whisks milk into a froth so that it can be added to lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and other coffee drinks that require frothed milk. Unlike a traditional steam frother, the Zulay Milk Frother does not add heat, instead of injecting air into the milk with a high-speed metallic whisk. It works simply with 2 AA batteries and it is small and portable. Also known as the Milk Boss, the Zulay frother can also be used to mix other drinks besides milk such as matcha, hot cocoa, and bulletproof coffee. Here are some of the features and uses of this handy little frother.

What Does the Zulay Milk Frother Look Like?

This frother is relatively small and compact, which makes it handy and easy to use. The dimensions are about 9 inches long, 3 inches wide by 2.5 inches in depth. This is what it looks like:

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It is relatively attractive and modern looking and comes in many colors such as blue, purple, black, green, grey, teal, white, yellow, orange, and more. The actual frothing whisk looks like this in milk:

It rotates at a high speed of over 200 rpm and absolutely whisks the milk into a frenzy of fine bubbles. The power button is at the top, and it also comes with a nice stainless steel stand that can sit on your counter and be used to hang the Milk Boss when you are not using it.

How to Use the Milk Boss

This frother is easy to use. To start, make sure that the batteries are inserted correctly and that it turns on, and also make sure that it is clean. Cleaning is simple, run the whisk under hot water and turn on until it is completely clean. You can also dip it into a cup of warm soapy water and then rinse.

Once you ensure that the device is functioning properly and clean, fill a cup about 1/3 of the way with milk, or with the desired amount. Dip the whisk end into the milk, and press the button at the top. This with turn the Zulay Milk Boss on. Keeping the button held down, use an up and down motion in the milk. You will see bubbles forming immediately. Do this for about 30 seconds or until the bubbles reach near the top of the container. You should now have a nice cup of frothy milk to use in your coffee. If you want the milk to be heated, warm in the microwave or on the stove prior to using the Zulay frother.

If you are mixing other drinks such as bulletproof coffee, matcha, or cocoa, simply insert them into the center of the glass and use the same up and down motion to mix the drink until it reaches the desired consistency. You will quickly have a well-mixed drink.

Key Features

The Zulay Milk Frother is similar to some other home frothers but has some nice features. An important one is that it does not use heat. While this can be inconvenient if you want to add hot milk to a latte or cappuccino, it can easily be overcome by heating the milk first. The advantage of this approach is that you do not need to worry about burning yourself, and the appliance is much easier to clean than a full classic style espresso milk steamer.

It is very light and portable. It only weighs .3 pounds, so anyone can easily use it. It also is only 9 inches long, so it can easily be stored. AA batteries are easy to change, and it does not need new batteries more than once every couple months with normal use.

It is also affordable. It is currently on sale on Amazon for $19.95. This is less expensive than other comparable frothers and considerably less expensive than a steam frother. You can buy it on amazon easily here. It sells for $19.99 directly from the Zulay website.

To recap, the reason you would want to buy this product is that it is:

  • High quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Portable and easy to store.
  • The price is less than $20.
  • No heat!
  • Can be used to whisk other drinks besides milk.

Is it Worth Buying?

In our opinion, it is a nice frother for $20. It does its job well. While we don’t have faith that the quality is good enough for this device to last for years, it has good ratings and a good track record of reliability so far. One important point is that for coffee snobs this is probably not the right product. It produces bubbles that are a bit larger than the fine bubbles made by a steam frother. For most of us who are not quite so picky as to care about the exact texture of milk bubbles, this is a great product!

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