May 3, 2016

Why Would You Need A Boost?

Sonos works over your home WiFi network.  Many people wonder why they might need a Boost.  Are there advantages to using a Boost or is it a feature you don’t really need to buy?

It Depends

The answer is, there is no one answer.  The Boost was created because some home WiFi networks have too much interference, do not cover the entire house with a strong enough signal, or have too many other devices on them to dependably provide unadulterated crystal clear Sonos quality sound.

The Boost works on its own frequency and connects your Sonos devices, and only your Sonos devices, so that you have a clear strong network over which they can can communicate.  Except for the fact that it operates on a different frequency, there are not really any other differences when compared to a wireless network.  If your wireless network is strong enough and dependable enough with enough bandwidth, it will work equally as well.

How To Know if You Need A Boost

Unfortunately there is no way to tell with 100% certainty whether or not you need a Boost before you set up your system.  If you have a large system with a lot of devices to connect, you may want to purchase a boost to ensure top quality sound.

If you have a strong Wifi connection without a lot of interference, you can probably use your home WiFi network instead of the Boost.

If you are setting up your system, and you notice that you experience pauses in play, unsteady play across multiple speakers especially in different rooms, or other problems, a Boost will likely be your answer.  Many people are fine using on their home WiFi network and they do not need to purchase a Boost.

If you only have 1 speaker going in, such as one Playbar or one Play:5, you probably do not have any need for a Boost.  It is most useful to people with multiple speakers covering a large area in their home.