May 13, 2016

What Is A Playbar?

A Sonos Playbar is what is known as a soundbar in the speaker industry.  By calling it a soundbar, we mean that it is one, sound producing unit, but it is not a box shape, or a circular shape like traditional speakers.  A soundbar has sleek rectangular dimensions, and delivers sound by actually containing multiple speakers within the one unit, or bar.

A Playbar actually has nine separate speakers within the one container.  Six of these speakers are mid range speakers (which can produce a range of notes) and three speakers are tweeters, which produce very high notes only.  Each speaker within the Playbar has its own driver and amplifier, so it is not only a strong speaker, but it produces exceptionally clear, precise notes.

There is a profound richness to the sound coming from a Sonos Playbar, and you will notice how it appears to fill a room even though it is only actually one device.

Other Benefits

The other benefits that come with the Playbar are the revolutionary ones developed by Sonos that you get from any of their amazing product line.  The controller App is actually a very useful piece of software when it comes to music because it brings music platforms from across the industry all under one device.

Everything is super easy to set up as well.  The Playbar connects to your wireless network, and you control it through the app from your mobile device or PC.  Connecting devices is a breeze.

The other really great perk of the App is that you can bring any music streaming service, or music saved to your Itunes and play it.  You can save your favorites in a library, and set up playlists.  Sonos is revolutionary because it brings almost all the music in the world to the tip of your fingertips.

Here is a picture of the playbar:

A picture of a Sonos Playbar

Here is a nice picture of it set up next to a TV:

A Sonos Playbar Next to a TV

As you can see it looks sleek, and you have to hear it to believe how amazing the sound quality truly is.  If you want to take your home entertainment system to the next level, and do it for an affordable price, you should really consider adding a Playbar.  This picture also has a subwoofer, which can also easily be added to bring another dimension to your sound system.  We do recommend that you add one because the Playbar does not have a sub inside of it, only mid range woofers and tweeters.

Product Dimensions

The product dimensions are:

3.35 high by 35.43 wide by 5.51 inches in depth (85 x 900 x 140 mm).  This makes it fit easily into almost any scenescape and it looks great when visible, or it can easily be tucked away and be made invisible.  The weight of the product is 11.9 lbs. (which is 5.4kg).