May 31, 2016 Is a Sound System Really Worth It?

Is a Sound System Really Worth It?

Yes, a sound system adds lots of pleasure and enjoyment to listening to music and television so it is definitely worth while.  You should not, however, purchase a sound system if you can not afford to buy it in one payment.

We think that sound systems are great for most people though.  Well, this is the take of us at Sonos Playbar where professional grade sound systems are our life.  We understand that for many people, it is a tough decision to make on whether hundreds or even potentially thousands of dollars for a system is money well spent, or well, a waste.

Ultimately we can’t make that decision for you, but we can help guide you a little bit.  Here are some things to consider if you are on the edge in your decision about whether it makes sense for you to buy a sound system or not.

How Much TV Do you Watch Each Week?

This sounds obvious, but think about how much you will actually use the system.  Most people, when they really add up the hours, watch a significant amount of television each and every week.  When you think about how much you might spend for small moments of enjoyment (such as a restaurant, round of golf, day at the Spa) and compare it to how much you will get out of a new sound system, usually the value proposition for a sound system starts to look a lot better.

A sound system as a part of a home theater system gets a ton of use.  Most of our clients use their systems between 10 and 25 hours every single week.  When you think about owning the system for a period of a year or years, you get a lot of hours for a low rate per hour.

How Often Do you Listen to Music at Home, and How Often Will you With A Sound System?

This is another question that is very much in the same vein as the television one, but perhaps we can approach it from a slightly new angle.

Think about what high quality music will bring to your life.  Are you more apt to crank some tunes and clean?  Or maybe you will actually get your workout done from your home if you can get pumped up by some great songs over a great sound system.

Social Life

Do you have a pool?  Or how about a pool table or ping pong table or foosball table.  How often do you entertain?  Will a sound system help set the mood and improve your social life?

Some people may use it for playing classical music while throwing an elegant wine and cheese party, and some people may play classic rock while enjoying a basement bar.  No matter what your scene, it is undeniable that most people really do gather in places with a great sound system.  A lot of our clients have been pleasantly surprised about what owning a really good sound system has done for their social life.


We aren’t blind to the fact that everyone has a different budget.  For some people, they may not have any money left in their budget after paying the basics like housing and food.  Other people may find saving more important than owning a good sound system, and we can understand.Value

The best piece of advice we can give is that if you can not afford to buy a new sound system outright, don’t buy it.  You should never finance a sound system, because it is a luxury item at the end of the day.  The one thing we do believe is that for most people, there is a system for their budget.  Lower end systems can be as inexpensive as $100.  While of course high end systems can run into even the $10s of thousands, not everyone needs to spend a significant piece of their money on a sound system if they aren’t in the market for a super high end system


So, is a sound system worth the money?  Well it really does depend on your personal circumstances but for the majority of people we say “YES!  There is a sound system for your budget and when you weigh the amount of enjoyment you’ll get from owning it and the sheer number of hours that you’ll use it, owning a system makes a lot of sense for most people”.  Sonos Playbar helps you find your ideal sound system for the right price.

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