Sonos is a fantastic product.  It is flexible, adaptable, and unlimited in it’s capacity to fill any room, home, or commercial space with high quality sound integrated with any music library or streaming music service.  At Sonos Playbar, we specialize in helping create a Sonos system designed specifically for your space.  Whether you are adding a single Play:1 to your kitchen, creating a chest thumping home entertainment system, or adding music to every room and outdoor living space in your home we can help.  Let our professional team assist you in creating the perfect Sonos system design so that it is easy to install and fits your needs precisely.

Expanding Your System

Sonos was designed specifically so that it builds onto itself.  If you have one Sonos speaker, you can connect any other Sonos devices to it whenever you want.  Many users will start small by adding a Play:3 or a Playbar to a living room, and they decide that they like it so much they decide to add surround sound, or expand into other rooms such as the kitchen or outdoor patio, or even bedrooms.single speaker

The system works over your home wireless internet connection and the speakers “talk” to each other to coordinate the sound.  You can choose with the controller app whether you want to play the same music from every room or have different sounds coming from different zones.  This is all very easy to set up and use because the controller app is very intuitive and simple even if it is performing complex operations behind the scenes.

Fill Every Room With Music (or Other Sound)

Many customers become so enamored with Sonos that they decide to put it in every room in their home.  The speakers are designed to output room filling sound, so typically it only takes one speaker even in a fairly large space.  You will love it, your house guests will love it, and you can do it for an affordable price.

Sonos Systems Will Become More Integrated with your Home

Sonos is teaming with Amazon’s Alexa assistant (on the Echo device) to give voice control to your speakers.  Soon you will be able to relay messages across the house, have your speakers give you driving directions, or listen to an audio book with HiFi crystal clear sound.  As Amazon strives to integrate the Echo system with the smart home, your Sonos speakers will play an important role as a part of the hub of your high tech house.

Crystal Clear HiFi Music

One thing that Sonos does better than anyone else in their price range is to deliver unbelievably clear and true sound to listeners.  You will think that you are listening to speakers that cost thousands of dollars.  The sound quality is unreal with Sonos, and you need to hear a system to believe it.

Design a System for your Theater or Just for Music

One of the best parts about Sonos systems is how adaptable they are.  Any of their speakers works well with both home theater and music, but some work better than others when they are combined in the right combination.  If you want help designing a system for your home theater system, please reach out to us.  We specialize in integrating the speakers perfectly so whether you are watching the big game or a French Independent Film, you can achieve the exact sound necessary to capture the mood.  These are the speakers to consider if you are creating a home theater system:

  • A Playbar
  • A Sonos Sub
  • Additional Play:1, Play:3, or Play:5 (optional as needed depending on your space).

Works with Multiple Streaming Music Services

Whether you want to play your Itunes library, use Spotify, IHeartRadio, or Sirius, Sonos can play it.  All streaming music services and internet radio stations can be delivered right to your controller App and distributed to your speakers as you desire.  All it takes is a simple click.