October 23, 2016

Sonos Sub User Manual

Here is the user manual for the Sonos Sub.  This is the subwoofer offering from Sonos that must be paired with other speakers because it is not capable of producing any other notes other than bass.


Since the subwoofer must be added to other Sonos speakers here is the Sonos System Setup Guide as well for your convenience.


Sonos Sub, Chest Thumping Bass

Sonos is known for producing crystal clear sound that is incredibly precise, but if there was ever a criticism it is that bass tones are not especially strong in the standard speakers.  For those who love the low tones, luckily Sonos has a solution for you: the Sonos Sub.

The Sub is a great pair with the Sonos Playbar to give you real movie theater quality sound.  You will blow yourself and your guests away as they feel like they are in the action in front of your 4K TV.  The Sonos Sub is truly a worthwhile addition to any home entertainment system.

A Useful User Guide Indeed

The user manual provided is the official guide from Sonos.  This gives you the the A to Z definitive way to do everything related to your speaker.  You learn how to pair it with other devices, how to use the controller App and how to effectively position your speakers for top quality sound.  We recommend that everyone read the guide before they set up their speakers the first time as Sonos is an extremely powerful system that you will want to fully utilize.