June 15, 2016

Sonos Playbar User Manual

Here is the user manual for the Sonos Playbar, the wireless soundbar offering from the Sonos Company.  While this device is extremely user friendly, you may need to consult the user manual (referred to as the user guide by the company) from time to time if you have any questions.

Here is the Sonos Playbar User Manual available in pdf for you to download.

About the Playbar

Introduced in February of 2013, the Playbar is a revolutionary piece of stereo equipment, representing a confluence of top notch speaker equipment and new wireless technology.  It is controlled entirely through a smart phone or tablet on the music controller app, and you can seamlessly integrate streaming music services such as Pandora, Sirius, and Spotify.  The Playbar is easy to mount and set up as well and the app is extremely easy to use once you get it set up.

What is In the User Manual/ User Guide

In the user manual it discusses everything from how to properly care for your speaker, to how to set it up, what is included when you purchase one, and how to get the most from it in terms of optimal sound.

If you are setting up multiple devices on one Sonos system, this user manual will also come in handy because it describes in detail how to do this both from a hardware installation perspective and how they are all integrated on the controller app.  Keep in mind that you can easily add multiple Sonos speakers to a system.  These can be added to the same room, or a different room.  If they are located in different rooms they can be made to play the same music from every speaker, or to give control individually to each room.  You can also switch back and forth between these modes.

If you have invested in this high tech piece of speaker equipment, even though it is really a “plug and play” type device, we still recommend that you read and consult the user manual before you set it up in order to do it safely and to get the most from your system.

Viewing the User Manual in the Page

Sonos Playbar User Manual







For convenience, we allow you to view the manual in the page as well.  If you find this helpful, go ahead and scroll using the blue buttons at the top and bottom of the PDF.  You can also click the link at the top and open the PDF as the whole page, which you can also download for yourself.

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