November 25, 2017

Sonos Playbar Christmas Deals

Are you looking for a deal on the Playbar heading into the Christmas season?  Look no further.  We have some of the hottest deals around right here.  Read on to learn where you can get the best bang for your buck on a Sonos Playbar this holiday season.

Best Deals Right Here

We understand what our clients want.  They want to get real Sonos gear, at rock bottom prices.  At the same time, our client’s want to work with someone they can trust, who they know wants to treat them fairly.

We stick by our return policy, and we happily go out of our way to satisfy every customer.  The best part for our customers is we do it all for one of the best deals on the web.  If you want to get a Playbar as a gift heading into the holidays, or maybe you even want one for yourself, you are already at the right spot.

Right now you can get a Playbar on Sale on this site, for $589.  That is the best Christmas deal on the web.

Sonos is the hottest speaker on planet earth, and for good reason.  The sound quality is out of this world, and the demand for them is through the roof.  The present that everyone young and old wants this year is a Sonos speaker.

The Playbar Isn’t the Only Sonos Deal

Everything is priced for the holidays.  A Playbase is only $599 as well, and a Play 1 can be had for $175.  If you want to add sound to any room in your house, you can bet that Sonos makes the perfect speaker.

The Playbar is primarily built for amping up the sound from your TV, but if music is your choice perhaps you prefer a Play 3 or a Play 5.  The best part is that whether you listen to classical orchestra or modern rock, it all sounds amazing coming from these speakers.

Don’t be Afraid to Miss Black Friday

The best part about this deal is it isn’t over on Black Friday.  This is a Christmas special offer and it’s good through the holidays.  If you forgot to get your speakers on Black Friday, or you simply didn’t want to fight the crowds, you didn’t miss out.  You have time to carefully consider your order and get exactly what you need.

Don’t forget that if you need help with system design we have you covered.  Simply reach out to us and we can help you set up multi speakers or multi rooms all incorporated into one system.

Other Deals

There are other places to get good deals on Sonos gear around around Christmas.  One of our favorite places is Amazon.  If you are OK purchasing used speakers you can get them for better than half price.  Oftentimes, these speakers are so lightly used you would never know.  If you have questions, make sure that you contact the seller before you purchase so that you know if there is a scuff mark, or even worse a tear in the speaker grill.  Luckily, Amazon controls quality pretty well by requiring sellers to maintain a high rating, and allowing no questions asked refunds.  Just so you don’t waste your time and tie your money up for a few weeks, make sure that you know what your buying on the front end before you do it.

Obviously the big retailers have holiday deals as well, and depending upon the sale you may get additional money off from an already discounted price.  A good time to do this is during store-wide sales, for instance when the entire store is 10% off.  On an expensive item like the Playbar, 10% is close to $80.

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