October 23, 2016

Sonos Play:5 User Manual

Here is the user manual (known as the user guide by Sonos).  This is the full official version.


The Play:5 user guide is very useful for experienced users and new users alike.  As a manual, it is well organized and easy to read.  For new users here is the Sonos setup guide.


The Play:5, Top Offering

The Play:5 is the highest quality speaker available by Sonos.  While it matches the Playbar in cost, it performs a different function.  While the Playbar is meant to sit on a TV stand and provide the impression of surround sound in one long soundbar, the Play:5 is a more boxlike shape and is meant to provide pure high quality sound.

With a large enough case to provide low tones via the Mid Range Woofers, while at the same time incorporating a number of tweeters, the Play:5 features the biggest range and lowest lows of all the Sonos speaker offerings.  It also is the loudest speaker and the most powerful.  The Play:5 is a top dog in the wirelessly controlled speaker world.

User Manual Is A Good Guide

The user manual is highly organized and can walk you through the whole process of setting up the speaker and adding it to an existing system.  It also teaches you to separate speakers by room or add other speakers to the Play:5.  You also get a good overview of how to care for your speaker and any other questions that may arise such as using the controller app.

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