October 22, 2016

Sonos Play:3 User Manual

Sonos Play:3 is the mid grade offering from the Sonos Speaker lineup.  Here is the user manual to help guide you through the setup process.


This is the official guide and comes in very useful for owners, whether they are new or experienced.

What To Expect in the User Guide

The user guide outlines everything you need such as:

  • Setup
  • Registration
  • Connecting Multiple Speakers
  • The Controller App
  • Connecting Streaming Music
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty Issues

There is also even more included so be sure that you read the guide thoroughly before you first use your new Sonos.

Sonos Play:3, Great Performance Great Value

The Play:3, as the mid tier offering between the Play:1 and Play:5, costs a little more money than the Play:1 but offers a significant upgrade in sound quality.  The larger case gives room for more lower tones and a wider range.  While all speakers from the Sonos Company offer crystal clear sound and the same functionality, the Play:3 is considered by many to be the best value in the lineup.

It can also easily be paired with all the other Sonos Speakers and devices.  If you need the Sonos System Setup Guide, it is also included here for your convenience.


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