October 22, 2016

Sonos Play:1 User Manual

Here is the User Guide for the Sonos Play:1:


If you are setting a up a brand new Sonos System, here is the official Sonos System Setup Guide as well for your convenience:


The Play:1 is the entry level speaker offered by Sonos.  While it is the entry level product for Sonos, it is not bottom of the line speaker.  The sound from this little baby is top notch!  If you recently purchased a Play:1 congratulations.  If you have owned your Play:1 for a while but need a user manual, we are happy to provide it free of charge in electronic form and hope you will consider adding additional Sonos Speakers to your collection.

What Is in the User Manual

The user manual is a comprehensive look at the set up, function, and maintenance of the Play:1.  It details all of it’s specifications and how to care for your Sonos speaker.

You can see how to use Trueplay, so that your speaker sounds perfect, and it also tells you how to link multiple Sonos devices together with pairing.  You get great information about how to optimally set up your speaker for the best sound quality, but it sounds great no matter what.

If you have any questions regarding how to use your speaker, any settings, anything regarding setup, or anything about caring for your speaker you will find it in this handy official user manual.

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