March 5, 2018

Why the Sonos One is a Great Deal

The Sonos One is part of an updated line of speakers from Sonos that incorporates Amazon’s Alexa right into the speaker.  Sonos is now offering this at a great deal of $199.  This is the full version of Alexa assistant, combined with the full version of the sonos play 1 speaker.  This is a great deal because individually, these two components are much more expensive.  Together, they combine for a particularly useful device.


The sonos one sells for only $199.  Echo devices that have the amazon alexa assistant often go for $129 alone.  The Sonos Play: 1 is $149.  Buying the sonos one from a price perspective alone saves at least $50!  This is a good deal for a top quality sound speaker, a device on the cutting edge of technology.


Building an Alexa device right into a speaker solves the biggest problem with the Echo, the speaker is mediocre at best.  Combining the amazon assistant with a high quality speaker means you have one less electronic device to worry about.  The two technologies work together perfectly, so you don’t need to worry about setup.   The device is also a very convenient size. The combined speaker and Alexa is only 6.36 x 4.69 x 4.69 in.  It can easily fit on a mantle, a kitchen counter, a side table, or nightstand.  When you want it to play music, the One speaker fills the room with amazon sound.

You still get all the benefits of Sonos, who has built an app that integrates every streaming music service all into one.  You can play things like Apple Music, Itunes Library, Pandora, Spotify, and more.  It all connects over WiFi, and you can control the speaker with either your voice (because of Alexa), or with the Sonos Controller App.


One of the biggest features is the high quality microphone.  The speaker utilizes a six field microphone array that can hear sound from across the room.  Privacy is a big concern though.  Anytime your microphone is active, you can see the LED light on the top of the speaker indicating an active microphone.  You can feel confident the device isn’t listening when you don’t want it to.

The sound quality is second to none.  This little speaker contains a mid range woofer, so you can hear deep bass, and the tweeter ensures you hear crystal clear high tones.  The music is sharp, can get loud, and you will notice the clarity instantly.

It is also an attractive speaker.  It looks sleek and modern, and you can choose between black and white colors.  You can proudly display it an integrate it into your aesthetic, or its small enough so you can put it in a cabinet with the speaker facing out and hide it away.

The controls are very easy, and you can control it from the top of the speaker, with Alexa assistant, or with the Controller App.  As long as you are connected to the same WiFi on any mobile device, you will be able to control the speaker.

Get the Sonos One today for the latest in melding of speakers and technology.  You’ll take a big first step to a smart home.

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