October 22, 2016

Why Sonos Makes A Good Christmas Present

Well its never too early to start thinking about Christmas.  It’s always tough to decide what to get someone, especially in this world where we have so much at our disposal.  Instead of the tube socks, golf balls, or video games, why don’t you get something that will actually make a difference in someone’s life?

Sonos are cool, everyone likes music young and old, everyone in the house can enjoy it, and the entire home will enjoy controlling it with their smartphones.

The Case for Sonos

For speaker or tech aficionados, choosing Sonos is relatively obvious.  These speakers have been revered for a few years now by the “in the know” crowd, but lately word is getting out to everyone.  Sonos speakers are awesome.

Controlled Wirelessly

Perhaps the best feature of all Sonos speakers is that they can be controlled completely wirelessly.  Anyone can download the controller App, and as long as they are on the same WiFi network as the Sonos they can control the music and the volume.  While this might lead to some fights over the playlist, it is quite convenient and fun.  Sonos speakers look modern, the app is modern, it works on your WiFi network, and the sound quality is amazing.

Play Any Music On Earth- Really Cool

One of the coolest features of Sonos is the amount of music that it can integrate to the tip of your fingers.  Christmas time? Load up the holiday playlist.  Need a romantic valentines ambiance?  There are plenty of romance stations and playlists too.

You can play your whole music library including Itunes, you can play music from Spotify, iHeartRadio, Soundcloud, Pandora, or just about every streaming music service on the planet (you do need to subscribe separately), you get 100,000 FREE streaming radio stations pre-loaded, or you can pair Sonos with Amazon’s Alexa and stream Amazon Music.  The possibilities are endless!  If the music exists, you can play it with one touch of your finger on the controller App.  If you give Sonos as a present it is so much more than a speaker.

Easy To Move Around The House

You can buy a Sonos Speaker for every room in your house if you want, but for most people it is just as easy to buy one or two speakers and move them around as needed.  You can easily unplug the speaker and plug it back in anywhere, and it does not need to be set up again.  You can even move it outdoors if people are by a fire pit or a pool, doing yard work, or just relaxing outside.  As long as your home WiFi network reaches the speaker and you can plug it in, you can move it anywhere you want.  They only weigh a couple of pounds and the dimensions are under 2 feet for everything except the Playbar.

Connect to Your TV for a Home Entertainment System

Talk about duel use.  These speakers get top marks as pure music players, but you can also connect one of them to your TV with an optical cord (Playbar and Play:5), and add any other speakers to the system and they will communicate with each other to bring you top notch home entertainment.  If you want a speaker that can go from delivering movie theater quality sound during movies to making you feel like your in the first row at a concert, Sonos is for you.

Amazing Sound

Last but not least, the sound quality of Sonos Speakers is at the very top for the price range, and even for considerably pricier speaker offerings.  You can get really loud volume without any detectable distortion, and you can pair speakers with the Sonos Sub if you really want to kick up the bass.  Everything from a Play:1 to a Play:5 to a Playbar gives you dynamic range and crisp clear notes.  It doesn’t matter if you want to hear every string on a classical piece or feel like your actually in the crowd at a big game, you can do it with the same Sonos speaker.

Get The Best Price

While you can get really great deals on Black Friday, you have to fight the crowds, and your limited to what stores want to put on sale.  Unfortunately, Sonos products sell so well your unlikely to find much more than 10% off, if your lucky.  Here at Sonos Playbar, we always bring the best prices.  We show our customers how to do things like save on a Playbar.

We offer the best deals, whether at Christmastime or the middle of Summer.  We want everyone to enjoy music as much as we do, and we think that Sonos can make a great gift.  Shop our selection of Sonos now to get a great present for that special someone!

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