October 23, 2016

Sonos Connect User Manual

If you bought a Sonos Connect, chances are good that you may need the user manual to help you set up your connect and speakers.  For your convenience here it is:


You also may need the Sonos System Setup Guide.


Sonos Connect- Turn Any Speakers Into A Sonos System

The Sonos connect is an incredible device.  It lets you turn any sound system into one with many of the benefits of any Sonos speaker.  While you won’t get the crystal clear sounds of the Sonos speaker, you will be able to control any speakers connected with the Connect with the controller App.  You can access all the streaming music in one convenient place right from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

If you purchase a Connect, you are about to enable the most powerful sound controller on the planet.

User Guide A-Z

The user guide above gives you a complete view of everything related to your Sonos Connect.  It will teach you how to set it up, how to maintain it, and how to add a complex array of speakers.  Because you can use the Connect to turn non-Sonos speakers into one controlled by the Sonos Controller App, setup is a little more complicated than a standard speaker setup.

That being said, the user guide makes it extremely easy and gives you wonderful insight into the full array of functions in the Connect device.