October 23, 2016

Sonos Connect Amp User Manual

Here is the Sonos Connect Amp user manual.


As a piece of a potentially complex speaker system, you may also find the Sonos System Setup Guide to be of use.


Why You Need The User Manual

The user guide is full of useful tidbits regarding system setup.  As both an Amp and a way to turn any speaker system into a Sonos System, the Connect Amp is uniquely powerful and complex.  The user manual simplifies the process of setting it up properly, as well as gives instructions for care and maintenance and trouble shooting.  Many readers find the user guide to be exceptionally well written and organized.

The Connect Amp, One of A Kind

The Connect Amp is an incredibly powerful device.  Turning any speaker into something that can be controlled by the Sonos App is a good enough feature, but the Connect Amp can also power the speaker and can connect to a whole batch of speakers.  If you need to create a surround sound system, or use speakers such as in ceiling speakers that Sonos doesn’t make, the Connect Amp is probably for you.

While this setup may be a little more complicated than many homeowners want to undertake, a professional can easily be found if the homeowner runs into trouble.  If not, the user guide is also a very helpful resource.  Happy listening!