April 12, 2016

Why Is Sonos Better Than Other Speakers

Sonos is the best sound system on the market in our opinion.  It offers a number of advantages over most sound systems, both in audio quality and the simplicity of the setup.  Here at Sonosplaybar.com we have some of the sleekest and best looking equipment that money can buy, all for sale.  When you factor in how affordable Sonos is, the choice becomes very clear.  If you are looking for an amazing sound system that won’t cost you thousands, speaker systems sold here are your answer.

Sonos Has High Quality of Sound

Sonos offers some of the highest sound quality on the market in their price range.  Most speakers that sound this good cost thousands of dollars.  In each Sonos offering, each speaker has its own driver and amplifier.  Not only does this deliver loud rich volume, but it also makes the clarity of music and each note coming from the speaker unparalleled.

Sonos comes with Trueplay Tuning so what you hear is true to the music or show.  Once you hear Sonos, you’ll be astounded at the richness and distinctness of the sound.

Hook a Sonos Sub up to any combination of Sonos speakers and get precise bass that booms without any looseness or rattle.

Ease of Setup

Sonos is the easiest music system on the market.  Whether you are setting up one playbar, or you are setting up a surround sound experience in multiple rooms, Sonos equipment is the easiest to get up and running, without sacrificing any quality.  To set up one speaker, you can connect the optical cord to your television, plug the Sonos in, and download the controller App.

If you are adding multiple speakers, simply plug them in, and Sonos handles the rest easily over your home WiFi network, or through the Connect network.  Sonos speakers speak with each other wirelessly and all the settings are controlled easily through the app.

You can play the same thing in every room, or you can choose individual sound for every room, whatever your preference its easily chosen through the app.

More Features Than The Others

When you compare the features offered in any Sonos product to traditional speakers, there is no comparison.  Sonos offers a total sound experience, letting you play music wirelessly from every major streaming music service.  These speakers lets you turn any smartphone or tablet into a controller, and you can use it any time you are connected to the same WiFi network that the speaker equipment is connected to as well.

Sonos is feature packed and fun filled.

Extremely Affordable

Despite all the advantages in quality, ease of setup, and the multitude of features that you get, equipment from SonosPlaybar.com remains extremely affordable.  We have free shipping for anyone inside the continental United States, and if you are unhappy with anything you can always return it. When you hear the speakers, you won’t want to have them anywhere but right in the heart of the action in your home.