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  • Side panel lets you sync it up to your Sonos system with the press of a single button and determine its status with a passing glance at the LED light
  • Adjusts to the demands of your specific space through the integration of Sonos’ patented Truesound technology
  • Wireless compatibility with every other Sonos device using WiFi rather than Bluetooth to provide a more painless and reliable connection you can depend on
  • Can partner with an Amazon Alexa device and be controlled by the sound of your voice
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Product Description

The Sonos SUB is the subwoofer offering from Sonos to pair with their sound systems.  The Sonos SUB delivers layers of deep, rich bass to any Sonos sound system.  If you have a Sonos sound system, that is only missing deep rich bass, the SUB will fill that void.  Playing down to 25Hz, this delivers layers of bass rounds out and enhances any sound system.

The Sonos SUB is a technological marvel.  Contained in the compact design, are two force-cancelling speaker drivers positioned face-to-face.  This design allows for optimal sound, without losing energy to cabinet buzz or rattle.  The SUB utilizes your WiFi network, meaning there is no complicated wiring.

Features of the Sonos Sub

The Sonos Sub is designed to produce a ridiculous amount of added base to your existing Sonos speakers, but it does more than that. The Sub gives you added performance overall, and that extends to the vocals as well as the bass. Whether you’re looking to crank up the volume on your modest One speakers or get a little added oomph to the performance of your Play:5 speakers, it can get the job done. It also coordinates perfectly well with the Connect and Connect:Amp components so you can effectively use it as a way to boost the performance of any traditional wired speakers in your sound system.

In terms of design, the Sub is something of an anomaly for the Sonos catalog. They pride themselves on the simplicity and elegance of their speakers, and while the Sub is a good looking device, it’s also a beast. At 15.3″ by 15.8″ by 6.2″ it’s easily the largest component in the library. That makes sense, given that it’s a device designed to add power, but it still sticks to the sleek and contoured design that Sonos products are known for. Most sub-woofers you’ll find on the market are nondescript black boxes, but the Sub stands out from the pack with its unique doughnut structure. The hole in the middle of this sub-woofer really makes it stand apart in terms of design, but it also serves an eminently practical purpose. The added flow of air helps it maximize its performance and add a level of power that’s more or less unprecedented in its class. Two class D amplifiers power the Sub, and it also makes use of two speaker drivers to cancel force and ensure that there’s no unnecessary reverb resulting in garbled sound or exceedingly unpleasant vibration. The Sub can be set upright or on its side, making it easy to slide it underneath furniture and keep it out of sight.

This is a Sonos product, so you can of course expect all the standard features Sonos is known for. It offers streaming through over 80 different music services, and it can connect to the rest of your wireless Sonos system through your home’s own WiFi connection. It can be configured and coordinated directly through the mobile app or desktop platform. This sub is loud, but it fortunately comes with responsive volume controls so you can adjust the sound to match your practical needs. If you’re looking to avoid using WiFi, you can also connect it through the included ethernet port to link it up to your wired home network.

Ways to Use the Sonos Sub

For plenty of people, a Sonos speaker or two will be enough to satisfy their need for an in-home music system, but passionate audiophiles who are looking for booming bass and the richest sound available will want to add the Sonos Sub to their layout. It’s a fine accompaniment to any of the speakers in the Sonos line, but of course smaller speakers like the Play:1 and One will get more bang for their buck than bigger components like the Play:5, which already sports pretty sizable bass in its own right. Regardless, a Sonos Sub can turn your basement into a dance floor with little effort on your end.

But where the Sub is getting a lot of play is in home theater systems. Sonos has recently moved into the market with three unique versions of soundbars, and while they’re nice little devices, a Sub can signify the difference between a nice TV stereo and an authentic home theater experience. It’s a crucial component if you’re looking to set up 5.1 surround sound as well. Match an existing soundbar with a couple of Play:1 or One speakers for rear sound, and then attach them with the Sub to get the rumble your theater system deserves. Similarly, they’re a great component for vinyl lovers looking to deck their record player out in the most appealing way possible. Sonos even markets packaged sets that can provide you with all the necessary home theater or vinyl components at a discounted rate.

Why the Sonos Sub Beats the Competition

The Sonos Sub is the only subwoofer that’s designed from the ground up to work with a Sonos system, and that alone makes it worth the price of admission. While you could jury rig a system with an existing subwoofer by connecting it through a Sonos Connect:Amp, that’s an unnecessarily expensive and complicated solution. But combine the ease of use and native integration with the pure power of this sub, and it becomes a no brainer. The Sonos Sub comes with the level of quality design and performance that Sonos is known for, and you can get it coordinated to your existing Sonos components in just a matter of minutes.

A Sonos Sub is The Sleekest Design On the Market

The SUB’s sleek design and wireless technology allows you to set it up anywhere you feel it fits best.  Because of the sound technology, and proprietary design, the SUB can be tucked away out of view, or under furniture, and still produce full, rich bass.  Regardless of whether you want set up your sound system front and center in your home or business, or hide it from sight, Sonos’s intelligent design will adapt and produce crystal clear, rich sound.

With one press of a button, the SUB syncs with the other devices in your space of your choice.  There is no complicated programming involved.  Simply connect to AC power, activate the SUB, and follow the step by step instructions to adjust the audio settings to perfectly compliment your preferences and the environment the SUB has been installed.

By pairing with a PLAYBAR and PLAY:1,3 or 5 (s), you can effortlessly create a complete sound system.  Each addition creates truer, richer sound, and integrates with the other components effortlessly.

See the Sonos Sub user manual for more info.

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Weight 36.3 lbs
Dimensions 15.3 × 15.8 × 6.2 in

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