Sonos Play:1


  • Stuffs a lot of sound into a tiny frame, offering a competent low cost speaker that sits near the top of its class
  • Direct and native compatibility with most major music streaming services, including Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio
  • Completely wireless and able to sync together with any other speakers and receivers produced by Sonos to provide a dense musical soundscape
  • A slim and simplified design that doesn’t draw any unnecessary attention to itself
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Product Description

The Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker is a compact system that utilizes state-of-the- art technology to deliver pure, crystal clear sound.  Consisting of two speakers, two speaker drivers, and  two Class-D digital amplifiers, the Sonos PLAY:1 fills any room with rich sound.

Integrating with your WiFi, means that the Sonos PLAY:1 can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere on the same network.  Any mobile device including smartphones and tablets can turn into a controller with the download of the Sonos App, available for free.  Since the device is controlled by the WiFi, it can easily be moved anywhere there is WiFi connection.

The Sonos PLAY:1 is a stand alone product, but can be integrated with any existing system to create richer sound quality.  By pairing two PLAY:1 deices, you can create separate left and right channels.  Add a Sonos PLAYBAR and a Sonos SUB to create a surround sound experience.

Top Features

The Play:1 is one of the first wireless speakers that Sonos brought to the market, and despite its age, it’s still a remarkable little feat of engineering. While it may be outclassed in terms of features by the more modern One, the Play:1 can still serve as a perfect accompaniment to your speaker system. Despite including nothing more than two drivers, a mid/range bass driver, and a single tweeter, it manages to put out clean and crisp sound that you can depend on. As with all the speakers in the Sonos lineup, it comes ready to coordinate with your existing music streaming services right out of the box. It syncs up smoothly with the Sonos controller app available for iOS and Android devices as well as the dedicated desktop software, so you can control it from all of your major electronics. What it doesn’t offer is Alexa speakers built in, so you can’t count on voice activation to control it, but if it’s linked up on a network with an existing virtual assistant, that’s not really a necessity anyway. As something of a middle child in the Sonos catalog – released before the latest line of products like the One and the Playbar but after other products in the Play line – it offers some advantages over its bigger brethren. The modest price is certainly an appealing prospect over later additions, but it improves on earlier Play models in terms of functionality. Its smooth and clean design means that it won’t stand out from the crowd, and the mute button has been replaced with a Play/Pause button. It’s a smart choice that gives you more control over your speaker without having to take on more real estate on the tiny plot of plastic available.

Ways to Use the Sonos Play:1

The Play:1 is possibly the most effective workhorse of the Sonos line. Despite being the first mono speaker in the Sonos catalog, it offers an impressive depth of sound, and it can work reasonably well as a single speaker setup. If you’re looking for something to set on your bedside table to keep you company at night or a speaker that can pipe music into your bathroom or kitchen, it’s strong enough to get the job done. Its small size and elegant design means it won’t stick out like a sore thumb wherever you put it, and it comes with a mounting bracket so you can keep it from cluttering up your tables or counters. And since this speaker is designed to work standalone, you can essentially use it as a music player all by itself. You can even link it up with an advanced charging stand to make sure it remains powered and add a neat visual light show to your bedroom’s stereo system. Additionally, the small size makes it highly mobile, and a Play:1 is a great choice to have if you want a speaker you can move around the house with little hassle or fuss.

But the Play:1 really starts to shine when you incorporate it into a larger Sonos sound system. Matching up a couple of Play:1 speakers with Sonos soundbars like the Playbar, Playbase, or Beam can allow you to simulate true surround sound for your home’s entertainment center. The Beam is particularly valuable in situations like this, since it comes with Alexa support and allows you to get all the advantages that entails without having to invest in the more expensive but also more feature rich Sonos One for your rear speakers.

Anyone looking to create an expansive sound system for their home or office will probably want at least a couple Play:1 speakers on deck. While they may not offer the deep base and expansive sound of the other Play speakers or the myriad advantages and specializations of the soundbars and amps, their relatively inexpensive cost means that you can bolster your sound and create more richness in larger rooms without draining your bank account or overpowering your listeners. Sometimes less is more, and the Play:1 is evidence of that.

How the Sonos Play:1 Beats the Competition

The Play:1 perfectly embodies Sonos’ commitment to quality craftsmanship and elegant design. It may be a tiny speaker, but it produces perhaps the best sound quality around for speakers in its class, and it’s also one of the smallest speakers you’ll find on the market. Wireless speakers are still something of a novelty, and while that might not be a big deal when working with just one or two big speakers, sorting through a tangled mess of cords when you’re dealing with a large speaker system can be a nightmare. A collection of Play:1 speakers allows you the flexibility to create the design and layout that suits your space without having to worry about ugly cables or the logistical complications of coordinating your space.

See the user manual for more info.

Additional information

Weight 4.08 lbs
Dimensions 4.69 × 4.69 × 6.36 in
Package Contents

Sonos PLAY:1, power cord, flat Ethernet cable, Sonos QuickStart Guide, and Legal/Warranty information


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