• Improves the wireless performance of your integrated Sonos system even in the largest houses and most inconsistent networks.
  • Delivers increased reception even when working through walls and ceilings.
  • Plugs directly into your router for a no fuss and no frills solution to unreliable internet connections.
  • Simple and elegant design means it won’t be an eyesore in your home, even if it’s place in a position of prominence.
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Top Features of the Sonos Boost

Sonos is designed with compatibility in mind. When you set up a new Sonos speaker system or add new components, you can expect it to work exactly how Sonos intended. Unfortunately, there are sometimes circumstances outside of your control.

Sometimes your home WiFi network isn’t strong enough to prevent a Sonos system from skipping or getting out of synch.  This is where the Boost can help.  If you’re getting a weak signal and worrying about your music cutting out or buffering endlessly, the Boost provides a reliable and seamless experience that will only cost you a pittance.

It makes use of a 360 degree directional signal to ensure that your signal is crisp and clear regardless of the layout of your home, and it broadcasts seamlessly through even the thickest walls and ceilings. It also puts your Sonos system on its own signal, so you don’t have to worry about it slowing down other devices on your network.

Looks Great

Aesthetically it fits very well into the Sonos wheelhouse. This is a tiny device, measuring in at 1.3″ by 4.5″ by 4.5″ and weighing in at less than a pound. Sonos is well known for stripping down the usability requirements of their hardware to the bare necessities, and that’s certainly the case here.

It is a very simple package.  A power cord and two 10/100 ethernet ports are the only wires you need to worry about, and a simple and intuitive LED light can clue you in to the status of the Boost at any point in time. That makes troubleshooting issues a breeze, but it also ensures that problems rarely come up in the first place.

The curved sides fit it comfortably into the overall look of the Sonos brand, and the flat edges mean that you can set it both horizontally or vertically to accommodate your space. It’s an attractive little piece of work too. A simple white finish is complemented by a black tag with the Sonos logo, and it uses a one button setup for syncing up to your existing Sonos ecosystem.

Simple Setup

The whole thing can be up and running in a simple matter of minutes. All you have to do is plug it directly into your router and follow the steps on your Sonos app to configure it with your existing network. And at a $99 price point, it’s affordable to set up multiple copies of the Boost to suit larger homes and ensure you get coverage even in the most remote rooms with the spottiest reception.

The Boost makes use of three separate antennas spaced out apart for maximum coverage, and that helps amplify your performance to the farthest corners of your living space. It basically gives you a segregated network for your musical performance so that you don’t have to worry about other components hogging the bandwidth of your Sonos speakers, and it works with all the products in the Sonos catalog seamlessly. Sonos boasts that the Boost can improve the performance of your WiFi network by up to 50%. It’s also significantly more powerful than the earlier Sonos Bridge which offered similar services as this wireless extender.

Ways to Use the Sonos Boost

While most of the products you’ll find branded by Sonos are remarkable for their range and versatility, the role of the Sonos Boost is refreshingly utilitarian. If you’re just getting started with your Sonos system or you’re not experiencing any problems with the reliability of your existing Sonos network, there’s no need to concern yourself with the Boost. But if you’re experiencing issues, it’s the best and most simple solution around.

It provides a blanket solution for an interrelated network of frequently experienced problems. Sometimes there are too many wireless devices sharing the same network, other times the sheer size of a home or office is simply too expansive to broadcast a powerful wireless signal to the most remote rooms, and occasionally a property simply won’t be able to get good WiFi in the first place. Regardless of your problem, the solution is the same, and the process of getting everything up and running never is a quick affair without any stress.

How the Sonos Boost Beats the Competition

As with most of the products Sonos offers, ease of use is the main selling point. The plug and play interface allows you to extend the range and quality of your network connection without having to run through complex configuration protocol. You can simply count on it to work without needing to be a technical wizard. It’s also a system custom built for Sonos products, essentially compartmentalizing their broadcasts into the same internal network set apart from your larger wireless network.

While there are other wireless extenders on the market, if you’re looking for one that can specifically address issues you’re facing with the sound quality of your Sonos speakers, this is the name to be beat without a doubt.

Additional information

Weight .42 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 1.3 in
Package Contents

Sonos PLAY:3, power cord, flat ethernet cable, Quickstart Guide


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