Panamax: MR5100


  • Conditions the power for consistent voltage across the lines.
  • Protects against a surge by shutting power off
  • Also protects against a low voltage situation by turning the power off, Brown Out Protection.
  • It boasts a 15 Amp maximum current rating and also a 2025 joule surge protection
  • Protection for 11 AC power outputs, Coaxial, LAN/Ethernet, RJ11, RJ-45, USB connections
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Product Description:

The Panamax MR5100 has a total of 11 surge-protected, AC noise filtrated outlets.  Three isolated outlet banks prevent interference between different A/V components.  Unlike some other power conditioners, this device can handle the high power demanding equipment.  The MR5100 has four high current outlets that can provide adequate power to amplifiers and subwoofers.

This device has 11 total outlets, 10 located on the back of the unit and one located on the front of the unit.  There are four always-on outlets, 2 standard switched outlets, and four switched high-current outlets located on the back and one always on outlet located on the front.  This device also has a standard USB charging port for mp3 players, cell phones, iPods, or any other device that requires a standard USB charger.  There are 2 pairs of coaxial in/out connections, 1 pair of RJ45 (Ethernet/LAN) in/out connection and 1 RJ11 (Telco) in/out connection located on the rear of the device.

As with all power conditioning and power management equipment produced by Panamax, the MR5100 has  Auto Voltage Monitor and Protect or Disconnect™ technology.  If there is too much or too little voltage being supplied to satisfy the required amounts being powered by the MR5100, it will automatically disconnect power to those devices.  Once voltage has restored to an acceptable level, the MR5100 will automatically turn power back on to those devices.  If a sudden surge, i.e. a lightning strike occurs, the MR5100 will immediately recognize this spike in power and permanently disconnect power to ensure you do not lose your valued A/V equipment.

This device will cut power if the voltage drops below 95 volts, or goes in excess of 135 volts, with slight tolerances of 2 – 3 volts. It can handle max amperage of 15 Amps.

Why is it important to manage and condition my power?

Besides the AVM and Protect or Disconnect™ technology, which can save you the headache of having to replace equipment due to power fluctuations, constant power fluctuations can also negatively impact your equipment’s performance.  Incoming power is constantly dipping and spiking, based on the current supply and demand required to satisfy all of the appliances depending on the same AC power.  While most appliances handle these slight dips and rises without issue, A/V equipment can not.  The MR5100 absorbs the slight fluctuations and outputs a constant power source to all devices plugged into it.

By managing power output and filtering AC noise, the MR5100 will ensure that all of your A/V equipment is performing at its best.  Really high quality equipment will produce purer sound and pictures will look crisper and cleaner with less distortions.

Key Feature is Slick Design

One key thing to consider if you are buying this power conditioner is how good it looks.  It has a modern interface showing you the current voltage it is outputting.  It will also display if there is an overvoltage or undervoltage situation with a red arrow.  The design mixes blue and black in a surprisingly pleasing way.

While it is a bit bulky, it isn’t without purpose.  The reason for the larger size is because of the level of conditioning that it provides to maintain a consistent voltage, across 11 power outputs.  No matter the size, it looks great when paired with other home audio or home theater devices, or any electrical needs in your home.  It can be displayed, or hidden away.  It does have the ability to be mounted inside a rack.  If you have other sensitive networking equipment or computer equipment such as switches or servers, it offers excellent protection alongside of it in the rack.  The black exterior blends in well with most any interior design if displayed.

The Downside is the Size

There is one downside to this top notch surge protector slash power conditioner, and that is the sheer size.  It is relatively heavy, it is boxy, and it won’t fit in any space.  It also isn’t a device that you would normally store on the floor.  The best case scenario is that you have either an electronics rack, or a good cabinet where it will fit nicely.  While we are never afraid to display this equipment, keep in mind that it won’t look good anywhere.


The warranty is also an important feature of MR5100.  Panamax offers a $5,000,000 lifetime protection of electronic equipment plugged into this device if it is purchased through an authorized dealer or through Panamax themselves.  That means they are extremely confident that it will do its job to protect your electronics from power spikes and brownouts.  They also offer a 3 year warranty from defects.

Additional information

Weight 13.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 17 × 4 in

Three tweeters create a crisp and accurate high-frequency response.


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