Panamax: MR4300


  • Layers of Protection from surges by constantly monitoring all incoming power
  • Protects from all power surges and brownouts (too little power delivered)
  • Protection for 9 AC power outputs, Coaxial, LAN/Ethernet, RJ11, RJ-45, USB connections
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Product Description:

The MR4300 provides layers of protection for any unexpected surges, or lapses (known as a brownout) in power.  The Panamax patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring technology constantly monitors the levels of incoming power and responds accordingly depending on the voltage.  If the devices realizes a variance in power it immediately turns all power outputs off and only returns power to the devices once the incoming power returns to an acceptable level.

The exclusive Protect or Disconnect™ technology even protects all connected devices from sudden large surges, such as lightning strikes.  If the MR4300 receives an overwhelming surge in incoming power, it permanently disconnects all outbound AC power.  This technology is standard throughout all of Panamax’s power conditioning products.

If the Panamax MR4300 will alert you if you are experiencing any sort of power fluctuation by the LED indicators on the front panel.  The unsafe voltage indicator, which is generally off, will illuminate to indicate that the incoming power is at an unsafe level from the electronic devices it is powering.  If the line fault indicator is illuminate, located under the unsafe voltage indicator, a licensed electrician should be called to test the wiring.

Eliminates Virtually All Noise

In a perfect world, inbound AC Power would resemble a straight line.  In reality, inbound AC power resembles a wave.  The voltage is constantly spiking and dropping.  By installing a Panamax MR4300, AC noise will be almost entirely eliminated.

When To Use A Power Conditioner

Power conditioners filter and clean incoming AC power to drastically improve equipment’s performance.  Clean power enhances almost all electronics.  Audio components deliver crystal clear sound and panels deliver crisper, cleaner pictures.

Your AC power is a utility, and is used by nearly every appliance in your home.  Without proper power conditioning, you will lose sharpness and accuracy on your A/V equipment.  By installing the proper power conditioning units, you can hear and see your A/V equipment the way it was engineered to be enjoyed.

Normal power strips or average low end surge suppressors provide very little surge protection and offer nothing in the way of filtering or cleaning contaminated power.  Panamax power conditioners offer high layers of surge protection and purifies power prior to being delivered to electronic devices.


Additional information

Weight 8.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 17 × 2.2 in

Three tweeters create a crisp and accurate high-frequency response.


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