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  • Elegant Design- The Playbar is beautiful.  Sonos designed it to look cool and professional.
  • Universal audio-PLAYBAR is conveniently able to interpret both DOLBY DIGITAL and stereo, so it works no matter what type of sound is being output to it.
  • Easily create a 3.1 home theater system-Pair PLAYBAR with SUB.
  • Easily create a 5.1 home theater system-Pair a PLAYBAR with SUB and any two PLAY speakers.


The Sonos Playbar is an all in one theater quality sound device with 9 total speakers.  There are 6 mid range speakers and 3 tweeters which brings you amazingly clear and precise audio.  Each speaker has its own driver for excellent volume, but speakers never lose clarity no matter how loud you turn them up.  Buy a Sonos Playbar today to experience truly enigmatic audio performance.

The bass is surprisingly strong, and if you purchase an additional sub-woofer you can kick it up even further.  The sleek design fits elegantly in your home.

Sonos genius lies in its simplicity.  There are no complicated buttons on the device, there are only two cables, and you don’t need a remote control.  Any mobile device including smartphones and tablets can turn into a controller with the download of the Sonos App, available for free.  It works over your home WiFi network, and you don’t need to program it or do anything complicated.  One cord connect Sonos to your television, and gives you high definition sound to match high definition picture.

All your music is streamed and chosen directly over the app.  You can integrate any streaming service plus you get access to loads of free content.

A Playbar is a stand alone product, but if you want to integrate multiple Playbars into your home or kick your sound system up into a 3.1 or 5.1 experience you can easily add speakers to the network.  Sonos makes setup and integration a breeze.

More Features

The Playbar Provides Absolutely Amazing Sound from a Television- Sonos nine-speaker driver soundbar design will fill your home with high quality theater-like sound for TV, Web, Movies and Video Games.

All the music on earth-PLAYBAR is also a stand-alone all-in-one Sonos player that allows you to wirelessly stream all the music on earth according to Sonos, you can use your iTunes library, your favorite music services, and thousands of Internet radio stations, shows and podcasts.

  • Play a different song in every room, at the same time- Tune in to an Internet radio station in the bedroom, stream a music service in the kitchen and play a song from your music library in the living room — simultaneously.
  • Listen to the same song in every room, in perfect synchronization- Play the same song in different rooms, simultaneously, without echoes or delays. Add or drop rooms from your rooms grouping and still be in sync.

One of the Easiest Setups on the Planet-  The genius is in the simplicity.  PLAYBAR connects to your TV using a single optical cable and power cord and plays everything that is connected to your TV.  You can watch TV, movies from a DVD or Blue Ray player, or any streaming content that you view through your TV.

Sonos works wirelessly over your home WiFi network- As easy as it sounds.  An application installed on your smartphone lets you turn any mobile device on your WiFi network into a controller.

Access all your music

  • You get pre-loaded internet radio stations completely free just for ordering a Sonos device-Get over 100,000 free radio stations, shows, and podcasts, all of it completely free of charge. And you can tune in without turning on your computer: browse for stations, radio program, radio hosts, or search by content type.  If it exists in audio format, Sonos can probably find it and play it.  The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to listening choices with Sonos, and it all integrates nice and easily as a part of your Sonos Controller app.
  • Endless music from the most popular online music services-Sonos works seamlessly with Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Radio by TuneIn, SiriusXM, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and even more.  We can’t tell you how convenient this really is.  You will love how integrated any audio service is with the Sonos App.  Its simple, there is not any complicated setup, and anyone can learn to use it.
  • Computer-free music playback- A great feature is that you will have instant access to millions of songs and thousands of radio stations and it all just streams wireless.  You don’t need to go through the trouble of downloading songs or saving them to memory.  Just let Sonos take care of it.

See the Playbar user manual for more info.

Additional information

Weight11.9 lbs
Dimensions3.35 x 35.43 x 3.35 in

Nine Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to match the speaker drivers and acoustic architecture.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    By far the best sound for the money. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a surround sound experience without surround sound, plus you get all the other perks of Sonos like streaming music. The bass is adequate, it doesn’t rattle your teeth, but the sound is also crisp, clear and vibrant.

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