July 30, 2016

The Real Cool Thing About Sonos

There are lots of advantages to using Sonos speakers, clear sound, easy setup, the ability to stream pretty much any sound put onto electronic media in the world, but one feature really stands out to some people.  This is the fun that people have when they come over and anyone can join in and control the playlist.

When people buy a Sonos product they don’t really think about it, but once they set it up and decide to entertain people at their home they always notice it what happens.  You may be very surprised at what a social attraction your Sonos sound system becomes, and how people will want to hang out at your house just for this feature.

Anyone Can Control It

At first blush, this may seem like a downfall.  Who wants people coming in their house and taking control of their sound? Furthermore, who wants multiple people fighting over control and constantly changing the music?  Well prepared to be surprised.  Sonos users all over the country are reporting the fun that they are having when people come over their house and take turns playing their favorite songs.  It turns out the when everyone has some say into the playlist, everyone reports enjoying the music more!

All someone needs to control a Sonos sound system is to be connected to the home WiFi connection that the system is connected to.  They just download the controller app on their phones, and presto!  They can view the playlist and add to it or make changes.  They can even control the volume and make adjustments to the sound.

They can also do it from anywhere on the property, as long as they have a connection to the internet.  This means people can be hanging out at the pool, playing games, or lounging in the living room or kitchen, and if they can hear the sound they can probably put their say into what is playing.

People Love Showing Others New Music

People want you to know that they have a great taste in music, and they like introducing others to good music and enjoying it together.  As people find music (both in their daily lives and in the extensive Sonos music selections) they will LOVE to share it with other people.  Sonos makes it easier than any other system for a group of people to share great music with each other.  Whether its brand new POP, a deep track from an album everyone has heard, or just a band or song that may be new to others, your guests will absolutely adore being able to bring it right up in a jiff on the controller app.

Actual Social Music

The ability to share music so easily in an actual group setting is what makes Sonos a truly social music experience.  Being truly honest, a sound system probably won’t be the one reason that people want to hang out at your house.  But the reality is that people will start thinking the other aspects of your home are simply more fun when they have access to the Sonos.  Whether you have a pool table or a swimming pool, the Sonos gives everyone something to think about while having fun together setting the absolute best music scene.

If you have a system purely for making a home entertainment system around a TV, you are probably missing out on the full benefits of the system.  This admittedly won’t have the same effect if you aren’t using your system for music.  But if you have a party in the room with the sound system, watch the fun your guests have.  No DJ needed!

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