January 28, 2017

Panamax MAX 5100-PM User Manual

Sonos Playbar is happy to offer user manuals for your convenience. Here is the user manual for the Panamax MAX 5100-PM.

Panamax MAX 5100-PM User Manual – Download here or see below.

Panamax MAX 5100-PM User Manual

This is a 10 plug power conditioner and surge protector that is sure to give you top quality audio.  This helps block RF signals and Electromagnetic Interference to give you the absolute top quality audio with no distortions.  If you are an audiophile, or if you are tired or pings and interference on your speakers, this power conditioner is for you.  It also uniquely protects against surges, and low voltage conditions known as brownouts so none of your electronics suffer.  When you need to know that the correct voltage is being delivered every time, you want the Panamax MAX 5100-PM.

This is the user guide for your convenience.  This manual covers everything from the basic setup to care for your Panamax.  You should always consult it before using your product.