September 19, 2018

Is it worth it to get a refurbished Sonos Beam?

Sonos is a brand known for its quality. Their extensive range of high-quality speakers are built by people who have a passion for sound, and that’s reflected in the practically artisanal nature of their products. Each and every one of their speakers, amps, and soundbars is designed aesthetically to fade into the scenery and to look streamlined and contemporary if you do notice it, and Sonos manages to stuff a huge amount of power into their tiny and lightweight devices.

That said, this level of craftsmanship comes at a price. While a Sonos Beam alone can serve as a singular sound machine for movies, television, and music in any decently sized room, you can expect to shell out $399 for the privilege. While that’s generally a sound investment, it simply might not be feasible for the budget-conscious audiophiles. Fortunately, refurbished models are available, and you don’t need to sacrifice quality for the sake of a discount. We’re ready to help you figure out everything you need to know.

Options For Refurbished Sonos Gear

While you could potentially trawl Craigslist and eBay for refurbished Sonos speakers, there’s likely to be little assurance that they’ll do what you need them to, or even be authentic. That’s not to say it can’t be worth the effort, but you’ll want to be cautious with your investment.

Inspect the Sonos Beam carefully for any signs of denting or damage first off, but then be sure to test out how it works in practice. You’ll want to make sure that it produces the same level of consistent sound quality when playing both TV and music, and you’ll also want to try to test out the Alexa integration. After all, the integration of virtual assistants is one of the biggest selling points of the Beam, and it’s one of the things that distinguishes it from the other TV speakers in the Sonos catalog. Consider stopping by a consumer electronics store before scoping out the Beam for sale so you can get a better understanding of what it should sound like if it’s working as it should.

Sonos Certified Refurbishing is an Option

But if you really want a Sonos Beam that you can trust to get the job done right, you should consider going straight to the source. Sonos certified refurbished products can give you an extra level of security that you can’t find anywhere else. Their extensive refurbishing process means that you can rest easy knowing that any speaker you get through the manufacturer will work as it should right out of the box.

All are put through extensive testing for functionality and have any defective components outright replaced. Once they’ve been brought up to as-new standards, they’re then put through additional quality assurance testing and certification and repackaged with the appropriate cables and manuals in a new box. A certified refurbished product from Sonos is functionally identical to an original, and it comes with full 45-day money back guarantee for your peace of mind. It also comes with a full one year warranty and full access to customer care through the manufacturer.

In terms of the look, they also will touch up paint, and it should look exactly like a new speaker.  Buying certified pre-owned and refurbished from Sonos directly really is a smart play.

While they likely won’t be as cheap as used versions you’ll find through other merchants, they can provide you with a notable discount. Just keep in mind that these refurbished products quickly cycle out of stock, and the Beam is such a new product that they’re even rarer to find in refurbished condition than older speakers like the Play models. That means you may have to wait a while to find one on sale. You can have better luck checking out a third party merchant like Amazon, but they typically won’t come with the same level of guarantee that these certified products offer.

Save Money with Deals

Instead of buying a refurbished Beam, you can always look for other deals.  Sonos historically will run sales on holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and they will also have sales on certain items a few times per year.

You can also get a Beam on Sale here on this site.  We sell the Beam for $375.

A Refurbished Beam vs. Other Sonos Speakers

Given how new the Sonos Beam is, you may find yourself wondering whether it’s worth investing in a refurbished Beam rather than one of the other speakers in the Sonos catalog. While the answer to that question will likely vary according to your budget and your needs, there are a number of distinct advantages that come from investing in this latest soundbar.

The fact of the matter is that you can’t go wrong with any of the Sonos speakers available. Two other soundbars are available on the market, and they’re generally both impressive pieces of work. The Playbar and the Playbase are largely similar in style, with the differences between them mostly an issue of aesthetic preference. The Playbar, like the Beam, is a more conventional soundbar that can be mounted on the wall or in front of the TV, while the Playbase can be used as a stand for TVs that are appropriately sized to sit atop. These two bars are also both larger than the Beam, and this is a notable distinction.  You can also get a refurbished Playbar.

A refurbished Beam is a feasible choice if you’re looking to set up a one speaker setup in a small to medium sized room, but it might not give you the oomph you’re looking for if you’re looking to invest in a full home theater setup. The Beam also offers Alexa built right in as well as functionality with most modern virtual assistants. It’s a fairly minor upgrade, but it’s the kind of thing that will scale up with your stereo and video system as these become more integrated parts of everyday life.

In short, a refurbished Sonos speaker is worth it if you’re willing to be patient and wait until a certified model is available. But if you’re looking to get your home theater up and running right now, it might not be worth the wait. And at nearly half the price of the Playbase and Playbar,you can generally rest easy investing in a Beam that’s either brand new or renovated. Functionally, you’re unlikely to notice much difference between one hot off the shelf and one that’s gone through refurbished certification.