May 28, 2016

How You Mount A Soundbar

People will buy a soundbar mostly for the upgraded sound it gives listeners over the speakers that come in a TV.  Another great benefit of buying a soundbar that people realize after they get it set up, is that it actually looks great in your living room or media room.  The problem is that it only looks good if you mount it properly.  Here are a couple of different solutions for you to mount any soundbar.

Wall Mounted Options

Let’s say you want to mount your soundbar on a wall.  This is a sleek way to display it, and it will help ensure that you don’t get any extra little rattles from a cabinet or shelf.  You have more than one way to do this, and the cost can really vary significantly.

You Can Buy A Universal Mount

A universal mount is the least expensive way to get a soundbar mounted against a wall most of the time.  A universal mount is meant to fit a whole range of sounbar brands.  Look for something that says something like: VESA compliant: 200×100, 200×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×400, 600x400mm.  You don’t need to worry too much about what that means, but it basically means that it can fit a whole range of product sizes.

A universal soundbar mount will usually look something like this:

universal soundbar mount

It is mean to connect to the back of a television, and the soundbar sits beneath the TV on the lower end of the bracket.  The bracket stays mostly hidden, and this is an easy and inexpensive way to get the job done.  You can usually expect to spend about $20 on a universal mount.  It isn’t the prettiest way, it doesn’t really give you any flexibility as far as location goes (basically always under or above the TV), but it does do the trick.

Yes, a universal mount can be used for a Sonos Playbar, as well as other brands like Vizio and Bose.

A Brand Specific Mount

A brand specific mount is usually a considerably more expensive way to get a soundbar mounted, but there are some advantages to doing it this way so the added cost isn’t necessarily a waste.

For one, a brand specific mount will usually fit right behind the unit in a way that hides it completely from view.  This can really make it look like a more professional mounting installation than when a universal mount is used.  A brand specific mount may look like this:

playbar mount

The other big advantage of a brand specific mount is that you are not obligated to mount it directly under your television screen.  You can offset it a bit, put it on a sidewall, or put it much higher or lower than you would otherwise have the option of doing if you have a universal mount that connects to a TV mount.  The flexibility of location is a big benefit of going with a brand specific mount, along with the possible better looks it brings the system.

All in One Mounts, TV and Soundbar

Soundbars are becoming more and more popular with the general public.  As televisions have come down significantly in cost over the last few years, people have been more willing to buy better audio systems and soundbars are an extremely popular addition to a home theater system.  This has created a big need for soundbar mounts.

Because all TVs are now flat screen, they are usually mounted on a wall.  To make things easier for consumers, a lot of mount manufacturers now make one mount that can hold both a television and a soundbar.  The look of these all-in-one mounts can take a whole bunch of different forms, but usually it has the soundbar mounted under the TV.

These are not necessarily the best looking solution (though they are looking better and better) but it is the easiest solution, and not very expensive.

Shelf or Table Mount

Obviously the other option people have is to mount a soundbar on a shelf or a table.  Done correctly, this can still look great and costs nothing.  Soundbars are especially adapted to being mounted on a shelf because their dimensions are long and thin, and they do not produce strong bass so any rattling will be minimized.

Just remember not to put anything in front of your soundbar such as pictures, vases, or other decorations because they will distort the sound.  Plus you will want to display your new speaker and not hide it.

Another Consideration

One last consideration that we will leave you with is if you are trying to hide wires, be careful that you don’t power your speaker directly through the wall.  This is against code in most places.  You need a plug directly behind a speaker.  You also will want to protect your speakers from surges, so your best bet is to plug it directly into a surge protector so nothing hurts it if an electrical surge takes place.


No matter how you choose to mount your soundbar you will sure to be pleased by both the look and the acoustics you get from it.  It does not need to be expensive to give the look of a professional mount, so explore your options before you drop big bucks on a fancy mounting system.