Amplifier- A device that increases the volume and power of a speaker by taking the original electrical signal, and copying it in all regards except for increasing the amplitude of the wave.  Amplifiers make speakers louder and stronger.

Boost- A Boost is meant to augment your home WiFi network in order to provide a stronger signal so your speakers always have the bandwidth they need to operate seamlessly and perfectly and deliver award winning sound.

Connect- A Sonos connect allows you to hook up third party speakers not made by Sonos to the Sonos controller so that you get all the benefits of the Sonos system except for the great sound from the speakers.

Connect: Amp- this works like the Connect so that you can use third party speakers with the controller app, but it also provides amplification through a built in amp.

Home Entertainment Center– A system involving a screen (usually a TV) and sound system designed to give a premium experience when watching movies, TV, and sports, and it can also play music.

Mount– A mount is a device that is used to hang your speaker (or TV).  A good mount stays completely hidden while holding your electronic device securely in place, and it does not rattle or make sound or distort sound.

Play:1– A self contained speaker device made by Sonos which contains two speakers, one mid range woofer and one tweeter.

Play:3– Bigger than a play 1, this Sonos speaker contains 3 speakers consisting of 2 mid range woofers and one tweeter.

Play:5– This self contained speaker system from Sonos has 6 total speakers, 3 mid range woofers and 3 tweeters.

PlayBar– A Sonos device.  This is a wireless soundbar containing 9 speakers, 6 midrange speakers and 3 tweeters.  It provides high quality sound and is a self contained sound system.

Power Conditioner– A power conditioner is a device that delivers optimal voltage to an electric device by converting and A/C power source to D/C, and then back to A/C at the correct voltage.  If a surge or low voltage situation occurs it also completely shuts off power to prevent any damage to the device.

Soundbar– An enclosed speaker system containing multiple speakers in one long narrow box.  The goal is to save space and provide a feeling of surround sound to listeners.

Speaker- A device that plays sound and music electronically by converting electronic signals into the intended noise.

Stereo- When sound is directed through two or more speakers to create a surround sound experience.

Subwoofer– A subwoofer is a speaker device which only creates bass notes.  These low tones add richness to music which is pleasant to listeners.

Surround Sound- Surround sound occurs when multiple speakers at varying angles to a listener are handling the entire sound output from a home theater system.  The speakers won’t necessarily all play the same sound but give the listener the perception of being inside the scene, with different sound coming from different angles.

Tweeter– A tweeter is a speaker component designed to produce the highest tones, known as the treble tones.  It does this by producing sound high in frequency.