February 22, 2018

Is Getting a Refurbished Sonos Playbar Worth It?

If you are thinking about buying a soundbar for your TV, congratulations!  You are well on your way to a more enriching entertainment experience.  You probably realized that you have a lot of different choices when it comes to your soundbar, and they have a wide range of price points.  Well, a refurbished Playbar from Sonos is an excellent way to get a top notch speaker for less than (what is a pretty hefty retail price) of about $800.

Important Note!

Sonos has discontinued their certified refurbished Playbar!  You can no longer buy them from Sonos here, however, you can check out other ways to get a good deal and get them on sale, right from this site!

What Sonos Says About Their Refurbished Products

Sonos is one of the best speaker companies to get a refurbished product from.  The reason is that they are actually very passionate about creating a high quality product, and their refurbished speakers are basically as good as new.  When you get a refurbished speaker from Sonos you get one that has:

  • A look as if it is brand new.  The appearance and cosmetics of the speaker casing must meet the same standards as one that has never been used.  We can not see any difference between a brand new Playbar and one that is refurbished, and that’s what Sonos requires for it to leave their production line.
  • Any defective components replaced.  That pretty much says it all, but with some speaker companies you still worry that something may not be considered defective, even though the quality is compromised.  We know from experience that even refurbished speakers must meet Sonos exacting standards in order to be considered defect free.  The sound will be indistinguishable from a new speaker.
  • Fully tested for functionality.
  • Same packaging, including cables and accessories that any new speaker would get.  You know you are getting essentially the same experience as a new speaker, but it sells for less!
  • Same one year warranty as new speakers.


The refurbished Playbar used to sell on the Sonos website for $549, plus applicable tax, but it does not any longer.

The (Slight) Downside of the Refurbished Speaker

There is one downside to getting this amazing speaker, basically good as new.  It is that the certified refurbished program doesn’t save as much money as you might like.  The price is competitive with top quality soundbars, but there are offerings from companies like Bose that are hundreds of dollars less.  What you only get with Sonos, is the top quality sound, and the ability to use their app and technology.

Sonos speakers easily pair with one another and create a bigger system, which can be used throughout a house. You can set up “rooms” or “zones”, so you can play the same music throughout the house, or different music in different rooms.  All of it can be controlled with the controller App, which can integrate any music playing method right into the app such as Itunes, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Pandora, and about any other streaming source in the world.  So even though Sonos is expensive, it still makes a lot of sense to invest in a higher quality speaker for the sound, and for the technology.

Where to Use a Refurbished Speaker

Treat it just like a new speaker.  The sound, the look, and the quality are essentially the same.  You can display it proudly anywhere in your home, and you don’t need to worry about anyone knowing that it was previously used.

If you don’t know much about the Playbar, one caveat is that it can only connect to your TV through an optical cable, so typically you would mount it near your television in a cabinet or on the call right under or above the TV.

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