September 23, 2018

How To Get a Sonos Playbar On Sale

The Sonos Playbar remains one of the most popular soundbar choices on the market, and sets the gold standard in terms of sound quality.  As a reasonably priced home speaker, the Playbar is top of the line.  It may be a great deal compared to other top of the line speakers, but we know it can feel expensive with a standard price tag of $699.  It can be really hard to find a deal, but we will do our best to show you how because they do exist.

How Often Does Sonos have Sales?

Typically Sonos will put the Playbar, as well as their other speakers, on sale during holiday periods.  Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas Season, and occasional other sales times will see a discount in the Playbar of about $100.  Obviously at $599 it is still an expensive speaker, but it is a good discount and about as big as you will see directly from Sonos.

Why Most Everyone Has the Same Price

Sonos controls the pricing on most large dealers, so you won’t typically see individual retailers reduce the price unless they are permitted to do so.  Typically, all of the box retailers have a sale at the exact same time, and it matches pricing on the Sonos website.  Click on the coupon below to get our latest sale on

Buy from

We sell the Sonos Playbar for great deals all the time right here, often for $649.  We deal in volume and we are able to afford a bit of a lower price.  Our products are brand new, unopened in original factory packaging.  We offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, but we know that you will be.

We specialize in Sonos Products, and because this is our specialty we are often able to set the bar for the lowest prices on the web!

We also can offer deals in other ways.  We are often able to offer cash gift cards included with your order, and we also put together packages with multiple products for one great low price, much less than you can buy them individually.  If you are looking for the best price possible on the Playbar or other Sonos products, start here before you look anywhere else.

If you want a great brand new Playbar, we want to be your retailer.  When it comes to any Sonos products, we always try to have great deals and great value on all our products.  This is doubly true heading into the holiday season, but it remains constant every single day.  We guarantee your satisfaction.  The product will be brand new, in original manufacturer packaging, never opened.  If you have an issue, simply return the equipment for a full refund, less shipping.

Other Ways to Get a Deal

There are other ways to get a better price on a Playbar.  They aren’t always available, and they may not be as ideal, but the deals do exist if you are willing to deal with the less ideal circumstances.

Buy “Used” from Amazon- $500 for Playbars That are “Like New”

If you want to get your Playbar through Amazon Prime, your going to pay full price.  However, a number of sellers are selling “used” Playbars at discounted prices.  Most of the time, these are not really used and the seller indicates this in the listing.  It changes as the individual sellers change their prices, but usually the least expensive is about $600.

Obviously, the problem is that these are small one off people selling Playbars, and they are not reputable large retailers.  You are afforded some protection by shopping through Amazon though, since they have really good consumer protection practices in place so that their market is reliable and trustworthy.  So if you are willing to take the chance, it can be worthwhile, but if it doesn’t work it can take a long time to get your money back.

Of course, if you want to get it from the licensed Prime seller, you can do that as well.  Amazon offers perks and deals to repeat customers, and their buying and return policy is probably second to none online, we we highly recommend them as a retailer in general.

You may also be able to find used products places like craiglist or other used marketplaces, but you can’t necessarily trust the sellers and there is no return policy or way to prevent yourself from running into scammers.  Again the best deal from a reputable seller is right here.  We give all our clients great prices.

Buy During Holidayssale balloons

Sonos will often authorize reduced prices during special holidays or events.  For instance, during this past Father’s day 2017, Sonos authorized a $50 gift card rebate, effectively lowering the price to $649.  You may see deals at other times such as Christmas, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday.

If you aren’t in too much of a hurry and you want a deal, you can check with Sonos here or check with authorized dealers to see if there are any upcoming deals for holidays or other special pricing events.  Keep in mind that there are no guarantees because this product is in such demand that Sonos doesn’t really need to drop their prices!

Christmas season is fast approaching, and that means more deals.  Right now here at we are offering a brand new playbar for $649.00.  The best price on the web!

Buy a Refurbished Speaker

Sonos has a great certified refurbished program.  They take speakers that are used, and test them rigorously.  If they don’t meet the same sound quality specifications of a brand new speaker, they either repair them or reject them.  They also refurbish the appearance, and supposedly they are indistinguishable from a new one.  Aside from yourself, no one would be able to tell the difference.  Usually the refurbished Playbar sells for $549 directly from Sonos.

The problem is that Sonos does not always have them available.  You can check their website though for availability because they usually post an expected date when they will have more in stock.  If you don’t mind waiting, or if you time it right, you can end up with a great bargain on a speaker that is basically as good as brand spanking new.

Become A Dealer- Buy Wholesale

If you are a dealer you can access special wholesale prices.  This isn’t a sale, but if you have a relationship with any distributors of Sonos (there are many) you could purchase their equipment at prices even better than sale prices.  Typically you would need to have a business relating to home theater/home audio installation or a retail business in order to get a relationship with a distributor, but it never hurts to check.

If you were to do a huge Sonos system in your home, a distributor may be willing to set up an account with you just for that.  Keep in mind that they make much more than just a Playbar so you can set up sound in every room in your home if you really were an enthusiast.  Believe it or not, many people do this and the controller app is actually meant to handle a complex system playing different things (or same if you want) in different rooms.  This is actually a really special feature that drives a lot of sales.

Will the Beam Reduce the Price of the Playbar?

We don’t really know.  The Beam is a new soundbar offering from Sonos, and it is a bit smaller and lighter than the Playbar.  That being said, the price is significantly lower, and it has additional features.  We would expect that the price of the Playbar will probably drop over time as the Beam becomes more popular.


We at are committed to bringing you the best prices, and sales of Playbars and other Sonos products so you should always check with us first.  If we can’t get you the lowest prices you can find, check for upcoming holiday deals.

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