August 3, 2016

How to Connect A Sonos Device to a TV

If you are struggling to get your Sonos speakers hooked up to your TV, or if you are thinking about buying some speakers but you want to make sure that they can be hooked up to your TV to play some kicking sound, we have you covered.  Any Sonos speaker can be hooked up to play sound from the TV, but you may not be able to play your TV without a little bit of extra equipment.  It doesn’t matter if you are watching a Blue Ray, Netflix, a DVD, or old fashioned cable, you can turn your Sonos speakers into a home entertainment system.  We will explain below.

If you Own a Playbar or Play:5

If you have a Playbar and you want to play sound from your TV, your in luck.  The Playbar comes equipped with an optical cable right in the package.  An optical cable can be plugged directly into the sound out jack on your TV and into the Playbar.  With this, it is instantly equipped to play sound from your television.  You can simply use the controller app to switch between playing music and playing sound from your television as you wish.

If you own a Play:5, it is equally as easy to connect to the TV but you will need to purchase a sound cable.  Just a basic sound cable will do, it needs to connect into the “line in” jack on the Play:5.  You can find a high quality one online for under $10 or you can purchase one from any local electronics store.  As long as you own a Play:5 or a Playbar, you can play the sound from your TV from all your other Sonos devices.

What If You Don’t

If you don’t have one of the speakers above, don’t fret, you still have another option.  Here is the other way you can play your TV from your speakers if you have a Play:1, Play:3, or SUB.

The CONNECT, A Way AroundConnect

The Sonos CONNECT (or also CONNECT AMP) is a device that will bridge the gap between your TV or any other streaming music in your home and allow it to play from your Sonos system.  You can connect your television directly into your CONNECT or CONNECT AMP by plugging into the line in port, and use your home WiFi to play that sound from any Sonos speaker in your home.  You can also use your controller app to switch between different music sources and sound sources so you can easily control what you are listening to right from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


You can purchase a CONNECT or a CONNECT AMP right here on, or you can buy one directly from Sonos for a little more money.

Additional Benefits of the CONNECT and AMP

There are some other benefits of buying a CONNECT or a CONNECT AMP, beyond being able to play your TV from a Play:1 or Play:3.  You can actually hook any non-Sonos speaker into the CONNECT, and get all the benefits of the controller app without being bound to purchase Sonos speakers, which are generally a little more money than other similar quality speakers (though you can argue that Sonos is a bit higher quality).  The CONNECT devices let you stream about any music or service on earth, and you can of course connect your TV to the Sonos CONNECT and turn those other speakers into a surround sound or home entertainment system.

Remember no matter which Sonos speaker you own, there is a way to play the sound from your TV, but if you don’t have speakers that can directly connect with the line in port you will need a CONNECT.

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